Power Arms

Mcconnel Offers The Most Comprehensive Range Of Power Arms On The Market With 12 Different Series And 42 Distinct Models.

Thousands of different build options are available, enabling operators to customise everything from reach and horsepower to the arm-set and control system.

McConnel can even create unique bespoke machines for customers, designing and building Power Arms to a precise personal specification.

We also offer a new line of Twose classic machines ranging from small compact reach arm mowers to a high-performance 6.5m model for large-scale farmers and contractors.

Our full power arm range

Advanced Features

No Other Manufacturer Can Match The Advanced Feature Set Available On Mcconnel Power Arms – From EDS, Which Offers An Increase In Verge Mowing Speeds From 4Km/H To 18Km/H – To POWERBOOST, Which Increases Arm Extrension Speeds By Three Times The Norm.

Other advances include the new Telescopic-VFR armset which enhances safety, visibility and comfort; Telescopic and Mid-Cut armsets; and the Orbitor bracket which offers exceptional manoeuvrability in confined spaces.